Righteousness (Part 1)

Mike Hill
October 3, 2018

Righteousness (Part 1)

According to Roman’s 1:17 – The righteous man shall live by faith.  We will take a look at what righteousness is.  How it was lost and restored to us, and what privileges the appropriation of righteousness brings the believer.  To understand the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith.  To live a life that is well pleasing to the Father.  A life that is described in words like bold, worthy, confident, unashamed, and innocent.  Righteous.

Part 1 –  Understanding righteousness begins by understanding 4 basic truths:

  1. Who your Father God is.
  2. Who you are.
  3. Who your enemy is.
  4. How to worship the Lord. 

Pastor Mike takes us through the Scriptures and lays a foundation for as we begin to understand our righteousness in Christ Jesus.  You will be blessed!

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