Why Are We Sitting Here Until We Die? (Part 3)

Sean McFarlane
January 28, 2018

Why Are We Sitting Here Until We Die? (Part 3)

2 Kings 7:3 – Now there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate; and they said to one another, “Why are we sitting here until we die?”

What areas of your life have you allowed circumstances, people or the enemy to stop you from getting up and walking in faith?

At what point do you find yourself sitting down in, on your faith instead of continuing?

When and where have you looked at your circumstances and decided there was no point in believing God because it is too far gone?

Your obedient movement becomes the sound of your enemy’s destruction. 

There are no such things as “Hopeless Situations,” to God!  Come be encouraged to believe in the impossible and have your hope reignited!

Part 3 – Goliath came out daily and spoke against the children of Israel.  The children of Israel responded in fear until a little shepherd boy showed up named David.  David understood his covenant with God and with the Lord’s help killed Goliath.  In life there are times where the enemy attempts to bombard your life with death threats, he will attempt to talk you out of faith and into fear.  In today’s message, you will learn how to overcome Goliath.   

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