The Quest For The Double Portion (Mark Dunn)

Guest Speaker
December 12, 2018

The Quest For The Double Portion (Mark Dunn)

When we receive a word from God there are two things that you can be sure of.

  1. It’s not just a call to survive but a call to thrive.
  2. The call of God is not a call of mediocrity but a call to excellence.

In this message Mark Dunn takes us through the call and service of Elisha from the day he left his family and job and then to the day Elijah his master went home to be with the Lord.  Here are a few key points in the message:

  • We must position ourselves to receive the promise of God.
  • Those who excel in their calling do not sit on their encounter.
  • God doesn’t promise us things that are possible in our own ability.
  • By faith we battle and conquer.
  • Our provision is not in our past but in our future.

Make sure to pay close attention to the prophecy at the end of the message!


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